Cyndie Burkhardt – Exhibition – Cape May, NJ. June 9-July 6, 2017

Cyndie Burkhardt (NMN-2016)

Havana, Cuba, 1999 (c) Cyndie Burkhardt

Farolitos de Havana,” a solo exhibition of photographs of Cuba on view at the Mad Batter, Cape May, NJ from June 9—July 6, 2017.

feature article was published by the Gazette.

An opening reception will be held Sunday, June 11, from 3—5 p.m.

In Cuba, an overwhelming pulse of life, song, and warmth permeates the culture. Taken just before the turn of the century, these photographs depict an “older Cuba” prior to recent political changes both there and in the U.S. and new questions about the island’s future. The Cuban people embrace life with seeming disregard for underlying hardship and unremarkable conditions. A palpable vitality rises to the top and their spirit leaves the biggest impression. About the show’s title… the root “farol” signifies something that brings light. In this usage, “Farolitos” refers to the Cuban people, suggesting they’re the stars or lights of Havana. 


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